Award winning sausage, dry cured bacon and traditional pork pies. And suppliers of Virtually Fat Free Sausage and Burgers and Kebabs

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Here are just a small example of all the fantastic products I can make. I have a sausage database of about 300 types from all around the world which can be made in 5 x 1 lb batches and also in gluten free. And each week I am making more new sausage.

We also have introduced Virtually Fat Free products which are the ideal if you are on a diet or just watching your figure. In the sausages we have traditional pork, hot italian, Spring onion, garlic and ginger, french toulouse and many more. In fact I can make any sausage you require, just let me know. Italian kofta kebabs, spicy beef kofta kebabs, italian meat balls, spicy beef meat balls. Steak burgers and Chilli steak burgers with just salt and white pepper.

All the Virtually Fat Free range have a maximum 8g of fat per 454g of meat and this 8g will dissappear on cooking.


I also make hand made traditional cooked meats. Hand made pies and pastries. And 4 types of Black Pudding, with fat, without fat, apple and cinnamon and hot chilli, damn I'm


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Mr Sausage

Beef Sausage

Plain Beef: Finest quality beef fore-quarter meat goes into these sausage and is an excellent choice for customers who do not eat pork.

Beef & Tomato: The same recipe as above but with the added taste of chopped tomatoes and a hint of tomato pesto.

Beef & Mustard: An excellent beef sausage but with a good helping of Coleman's English Mustard.

Steak & Onion: Much leaner than the beef sausage and with a good portion of diced selected onions for that extra tang.

Steak & Ale: A classic sausage with the meat soaked in stout overnight to give it the added taste and flavour you expect from a classic sausage.

Pork Sausage

If you wish to try a flavour that is not there just call me and I will make if for you. I have around 300 recipies I can chose from so just call me.


I have just introduced the "Stockport Sausage" for the Stockport farmers market. It is a recipie i have had for years but i have never used it and it dates back to 1885. I is an excellent sausage with just a few herbs and spices and no addatives or preservatives what so ever.

Plain Pork: An Excellent sausage with more meat content than other brands and a distinctive flavour due to the finest ingredients used.

Pork & Leek: Fresh Leeks are added to the plain pork sausage to give it that extra flavour and wonderful taste.

Pork & Apple with Cinnamon: A favourite with my customers. These sell like hot cakes. They have a really good flavour of fresh bramley apples and cinnamon.

Pork & Black Pudding: These are really the business. Plain pork sausage with cubes of black pudding and a hint of Coleman's English Mustard.

Pork & Smoked Bacon: Mix a plain pork sausage with diced smoked bacon and you get a tasty sausage everyone will enjoy.

Pork, Spring Onion, Garlic, and Ginger: Wow, what a combination! And a really great taste to match.

Pork, Chilli, Fennel, & Ginger: This combination will tickle your tastebuds and the chilli will add a gentle firey taste to your meal.

Cumberland: A standard sausage using the finest cuts of pork and mixed with just a little fat. The combination of herbs and spices give the desired effect.

Traditional Cumberland: A farmer style sausage with all the ingredients above but with the extra  sage & onion. Mmmmmmmmmmm

Cumberland, Stilton, & Chive: The sausage for the connoiseur in you. Just the right mixture of cheese and herbs to give this sausage its distinctive flavour.

New Sausage: Cumberland, Shropshire Blue & Bramley Apple. This sausage is an alternative to Cumberland, Stilton and Chives. The cheese mixed with the Bramley Apples makes a sausage Fred Elliott would be proud of ... I say, a sausage he would be proud of.

French Toulouse: A combination of pork, garlic, red wine & parsley make this a special treat for everyone.

Spanish Chorizo: Pork sausage with a very firey hot seasoning of paprika, chilli powder and other hot seasonings. Hot hot hot.

Mexican Chilli: Basically, 'Who Dares, Burns'. This is so hot, don't give it to the kids, even as a joke. Fresh chillis and a mixture of hot sauces and curry paste make this the daddy of hot sausages.

Chinese Pork: If you like chinese spare ribs, you'll love these. Using the same seasoning as on our ribs, this tastes just like the ribs but without the bone.

Italian Pork: A pork sausage but with added fennel seed, black pepper and tomato puree give this sausage the italian flavour.

Szechuan Pork: A sausage I made just the other day ... not surprisingly, it tastes very good with added flavours of the Far East.

Sweet & Sour Pork: Tangy and tarty pork sausage that everyone will love time and time again. Good served over a bed of rice.

South African Boerwurst: An equal mixture of pork & beef and just the right mix of herbs and spices ... plus added vinegar to make this farmer's sausage just perfect for the grill. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lamb Sausage

Lamb and Garden Mint: Trimmed lamb shoulder and leg mixed together with just the right amount of herbs and spices and a sprinkle of garden mint seasoning make this sausage one of my favourites.

Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic: This sausage is so tasty that everyone will be fighting over who gets the last one ... Mmmmmmmmmmm.

New Product

North African Merguez Lamb Sausage: Minced lamb shoulder mixed with black pepper, cayenne pepper, chilli powder, garlic, salt & cinnamon. These are truly a superb tasting sausage but not for the faint hearted.

Chicken Sausage

All our Chicken sausages are made from 100 % breast meat so they are virtually FAT FREE and can be used as part of a calorie controlled diet

Lemon & Coriander: This sausage has just the right amount of lemon and coriander so it won't overpower the palate.

Argentinean Fire: As the name suggests, quite hot with the added taste of cayenne pepper and paprika.

Indian Mystery: This has a subtle curry flavour and ideal as an accompaniment to curry or as a starter.

Lemon & Tarragon: One of my favourite herbs to use with chicken is tarragon. This sausage is so herby you'd think it came from the West Country.

Sage and Onion: A Sunday Roast in a sausage, except with out the veg. What more could you ask for?


Dry Cure Bacon

This bacon is the ultimate for your Sunday fry up ... any other day of the week. There is no added water or salt and it's cured the 'Old Fashioned Way'. When you cook it there are no white bits floating on a bed of water in the pan. And the smoked is triple oak smoked so the aroma fills the kitchen ... Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Middle Bacon: This is the standard middle bacon with the rind on; it crisps to perfection.

Back Bacon: Rindless back bacon with little fat and a dry cure flavour that is out of this world.

Ayrshire Middle: Superb quality middle bacon but with the rind taken off.

Smoked Back: Triple smoked dry cure back bacon. This is the one if you really are a bacon connoiseur. You'll never buy bacon from anywhere else.

Smoked Ayrshire Middle: Perfection is the only word that can describe this bacon.